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Adult Beginners

The Beginners adult classes hosted by East Midlands Martial Arts at the Long Eaton Martial Arts Centre are the perfect way to start your martial arts adventure.

We have been teaching adult beginners for years and have found the perfect combination of martial styles to help you get started on your journey to personal fulfilment.

We have an extremely varied but easy to learn curriculum which heavily features;


This Korean Martial Art is best known for its wide selection of kicks and Beautiful patterns, which you will start to learn in class no 1.

Anglo/American KickBoxing;

Developed from Muay Thai, This non contact modern style introduces you to hundreds of different pad work drills that improve your hand eye coordination,fitness & also your cardio fitness will go through the roof!


Originally from Japan, it is now practised all over world and is well known for its combat and self defense skills which have been used in actual battle for thousands of years.

But thats not all, people originally took up martial arts purely for self defense, but we now know that lots of other valuable benefits can be directly attributed to practising in our beginners adult program, such as;

physical attributes;

Fitness, conditioning, weight loss, body toning, stamina, muscle development,

Psychological Attributes;

Confidence, Concentration, Self Discipline, Motivation, Courage, Respect, Focus, Mental Clarity, Inner peace

Wow, if you could jump into a time capsule and see your future self and what you have accomplished in life thanks to the benefits attributed to training at the Long Eaton Martial Arts Centre, you would be thrilled and completely justified that you made the most important decision of your life right now, today, by simply picking up your phone and calling me direct,

My personal phone number  is 07944 347702, call me & reserve a FREE taster class and 1 to 1 introductory tour of our facility, which as you already know is largest custom built Martial Arts Centre in South Nottinghamshire

For more information about East Midlands Martial Arts, This Link will take you to main website which has schools all over the east midlands CLICK HERE

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