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Zentai Zanshin MMA is the Long Eaton Family Martial Arts Academy's MMA or Mixed Martial Arts Program.

Most people confuse the term MMA as cage fighting or UFC, but Zentai Zanshin MMA simply means a mixture of different Martial Art styles and skills. our goal here is not to train someone to be a cage fighter, but to show how cross training different disciplines can make you a much more rounded practitioner with a wider skill set.

for example;

Stand up or Striking: most martial art styles have a system of punches and kicks as part of their curriculum, we teach the Kicks of Taekwondo along with punches from Boxing/Kickboxing and Karate.

The Ground game: Not all competition fights or street fights take place standing up, sometimes the contest will end up on the ground where a whole new skill set is required, for this we practice Jiu Jitsu, Judo or Submission Grappling.

But there is also a Middle ground, the transition between 'stand up' and 'Grappling', these are the Throws and Takedowns, for this we need the intricate strategies of Judo and Wrestling.

Judo is a Japanese martial art that is now back on the rise in the UK thanks in part to rise of MMA & Ju Jitsu, with grapplers looking to tap into vast curriculum of Judo skills that will help them gain an advantage over their counterparts, also because of the success of Team GB in the Olympics and also Ameriacan Judo Bronze Medallist Ronda Rousey who has just become the womens UFC champion in Mixed Martial Arts.

Judo is also regarded as great way to learn self defence as it teaches you how to take an attacker to the ground and keep them there! 

Ju Jitsu is similar to Judo in that you learn throws, however greater attention is spent on submissions on the ground whilst grappling or wrestling.

However.....What makes Zentai Zanshin MMA different is our approach to teaching, there is no machoism, contact between players is always very light, respect among students is always present as it our intention to show that a mixed martial art style can be taught safely to families with younger children side by side in a relaxed family friendly environment.

Head Coach Dawn Rouse who developed this program right here at the Long Eaton Family Marts Academy, has gone to great lengths to also create a full and varied curriculum with its own grading system from White to Black Belt.

If You would like to know more and book in for a taster session in Zentai Zanshin MMA, you can fill in the info form on this page (be sure to leave your phone number or you will not be contacted) or call Dawn Rouse direct on 07979 924570.

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